About Us

Hello friends my name is vivaan maurya and i am an electrical engineer i passed engineering exam in 2016 after that i applied for job in many companies but i didn’t get any result and in any company then experience would be asked from me Was that which I did not have,which I did

due to not get a job anywhere, then I got very disappointed and I started thinking what will I do now but then I saw in the internet that people are earning a lot of money by working online, due to which I also wished that I also

I earn money online but due to lack of complete information, I did not get success in this too, then I started learning about earning money online and buy many courses online and learned about it with all my heart. I made a youtube channel and after 3 years of hard work, I made more than 2.5 lakh subscribers in that channel and I used to earn so much from it that I did not need to work anywhere

but one day it came that overnight hacked my channel and on checking found out that my youtube channel was hacked by some china person and sold it to a pakistani due to which i got very disappointed and my morale started breaking

Then I did nothing for 3 years and then I made a blog and about it Learned new things from many places and incorporated those things in my blog and after 1.5 years I started earning good money from it, after that I made 4 blogs and started earning money in it within 1 year by hard work. Diya and now I earn money equivalent to 10 government jobs in a month

and this blog of mine is also one of them, I put content related to mobile review in this blog, along with this I also do affiliate in this blog if you like our this If you like our blog then you can join us